Domtriagebox Mod. DTB-20A-A


At the beginning of each shift, check the intactness of the gloves. In the presence of the slightest anomaly, it is required to replace them before proceeding. At the beginning of each shift a functioning test of the devices must be carried out; this includes:
internal light, intercom, emergency and reset buttons. Before the first patient is admitted into the DOM TRIAGE BOX, this must be sanitized in accordance with the WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations. The indoor environment is designed to withstand even > 70% ethanol solutions. The personnel carrying out the sanitization must use the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in appliance to the internal risk assessment document and to the applicable local regulations relating to exposure to biological agents.



Product Overview

After the sanitization of the DOM TRIAGE BOX, ventilate it for 5 minutes while keeping the door open.

Healthcare personnel may allow the patient to enter the DOM TRIAGE BOX from SIDE A in accordance to the internal procedures. Thus THE DOOR MUST BE CLOSED.

Healthcare personnel shall perform the swab test operating from SIDE B of the DOM TRIAGE BOX, in accordance with the internal procedures. Personnel MUST WEAR GLOVES and operate inserting the arms in the glove slots.

The swab test is then inserted in the appropriate package and placed on the internal shelf.
Healthcare personnel in charge of the sanitization will take the package with the swab test performed and position it in the appropriate area as per internal procedure; afterwards, the sanitization will be carried out in accordance to the WHO recommendations, paying particular attention to sanitize all the surfaces of the gloves from inside the box.

After the sanitization, it is recommended to keep the SIDE A door closed for 5 minutes.

Start the procedure from step 1 for each subsequent patient (open the door and wait 5 minutes before allowing the patient in).

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Technical Specifications

Place the DOM TRIAGE BOX in an area with a support surface suitable to sustain the weight of the box, calculating the maximum weight of a person in order to avoid sagging and tipping over.

Connect the DOM TRIAGE BOX to the power supply in compliance with the electrical plate data. The connection must be made by qualified personnel in compliance with the applicable regulatory compendium.

Building’s area: 16’ x 20’

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