The beauty of our pools being constructed from a shipping container is the ease of transportation. Every Modpool is configured to suit your needs. Easily control temperature, jets and lighting from your smartphone. Unlike conventional pools that can take weeks to pour and cure, your Modpool can be up and running the day of its arrival. Add a Modpool divider to quickly convert your pool into a hot-tub, and back again.



Product Overview

Variable speed pumps
Operate from 400 RPM to 3450 RPM
Maximum system flow of 160 GPM
Two automatic actuation valves
Color changing LED light
Pool & Spa LED light with RGBW Technology
180° Beam for complete coverage
400000 BTU/Hour master temp heater
Natural gas or propane
120/240 V AC, single phase, 60 HZ
Easy touch screen logic app for PC/Smart Phone & Tablets
40 Amp service

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Technical Specifications

12′ Modpool

Water Level – 4′
Height – 4’8″
Width – 8’2.5”
Length – 12’7″
Dry Weight – 4000 lbs
Full Weight – 20,700 lbs
Volume – 2500 gal

20′ Modpool, 40′ Modpool


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