Container garages have become quite the attractive option for car owners. There are numerous advantages of choosing a shipping container to house your vehicle. They are easy to adapt, relocate, and won’t break the bank compared to building an old-school garage (which is basically a small house). But these are only the most obvious benefits, as there are several others you may not even consider.

People have different needs and priorities, hence the cars they own are also very diverse. Some go for small and compact cars, some – for large and spacious. Shipping containers also come in different sizes, most being from 6m to 12m, but that does not mean there aren’t smaller or larger ones. Of course, we cannot forget about the height of shipping containers. What if you own a large car that is above normal height? That is no issue, as there are plenty of taller containers!

Yet, what if you wish to store not one car, but several? Or just wish for your garage to be more spacious? Shipping containers can be adapted for that as well. One container may be enough, however if that is not the case, there’s a couple options. Placing two containers on each side and connecting them with a roof is a great option for a lager garage. Shipping containers are also stackable, meaning you can create levels and different spaces.

Another wonderful thing about shipping containers as a building material – they are fully customizable. A container can be insulated, hence your car will be fully protected and any leftover space can be used for storage, without compromising on the well-being of your items. A lot of people use garages as a work space, for which electricity is a necessity. Adding electric drops to a shipping container garage is no big deal. Another important thing for container garages as a work space is air flow. Windows or a ventilation system can easily be incorporated. These are just a few options of how to customize a shipping container garage, not mentioning the array of possible design ideas. Leave the original shipping container look for a contemporary take, or choose to finish it with colours that accompany the aesthetic of your house.

There’s one more benefit of container garages – they are incredibly long-lasting and easy to maintain. Shipping containers are made of durable materials and can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. Look through your container garage a couple times a year for any rust and that’s all the maintenance work you have to do.

Lastly, there are plenty of advantages to choosing a shipping container garage, some clearly obvious, some – not as much. The list of options in terms of sizing and customization is truly long and the garages built from containers are durable and require a minimal amount of upkeep. What else is there to ask for?