Shipping container pools are not a new phenomenon, however they have been gaining more attention as of recent, especially on social media, as sustainability and repurposing are becoming incredibly relevant. But besides that, are there any other reasons to choose a shipping container pool over a regular concrete or vinyl swimming pool?

What are shipping container pools? Well, they are exactly what it sounds like – pools made out of shipping containers. Of course, you don’t just fill up a container with water and call it a day. The container must be insulated, making it watertight from the inside, this way it can properly function as a swimming pool.

But why should you consider getting a shipping container pool at all? Pools are expensive and take a rather long time to install, repurposing a shipping container as one may greatly cut the cost and time. Concrete and vinyl swimming pools can take several months to construct. A shipping container pool, depending on the situation, can be installed in as fast as one day.

Another great thing is that a container pool possesses great mobility. Such a pool can be transported from one property to another. This makes investing in a swimming pool not risky at all, if you decide to move you can just bring your pool with you. Or if you wake up one morning and want your

What made shipping container swimming pools really popular is, of course, the look. Left in their original state they are sleek and modern. It is quite easy to customize the container pool too, make it bright coloured to stand out or choose more subdued tones to blend into the background, add wood panelling or a stone like texture for a luxurious feel. The pool can be kept above ground or incorporated into the surroundings. And because of the shape of a shipping container it is perfect for swimming laps and quality training.

To conclude, a shipping container swimming pool is a great option to say the least. It is cost effective and not compromising on the look. These pools are versatile and customizable, thus all you design ideas can come to life. And once you have your dream pool, you don’t have to part ways with it just because you are relocating.